Industry Tracker is a research house which helps investors quantify the transition plans needed for companies to get to net zero.

About us

Industry Tracker was created to address a gap in the market for independent, in-depth research and analysis on industrial sectors that are critical to economies and will be a key component of the pathway towards achieving net zero emissions.

We provide investors with the evidence base they need to engage with companies on their transition plans using asset-level data and analysis.

Industry Tracker was launched in 2021 by the Investor Watch Group whose founders created the Carbon Tracker Initiative and Planet Tracker.

Our Mission

Despite encouraging progress, the world is still not on track to meet the Paris Agreement’s goals.

Industrial companies and sectors in the area of materials such as steel, cement and chemicals have some of the highest direct emissions of any sector. However, they are also crucial to the real economy, with demand expected to grow linked to GDP and development.

Industry Tracker’s team of experts aims to tackle this by producing much needed analysis on the business models and transition plans of these industrial companies.